Friday, February 10, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener

I've been making my own laundry soap off and on for about a year now.  I've tried different recipes but they're virtually all the same (In my opinion).  Not only have I saved tons of money since I'm not buying overpriced laundry detergent, but I like the fact that the homemade stuff doesn't have anything in it that's unnecessary.  It's great for people with sensitive skin....dye free, fragrance free (unless you want to add your own). 
Anyway, here is the recipe I use for Laundry Soap  
I love that she recycles orange juice containers for her soap.  I however, did not have any on hand when making my soap. So, I used a huge container with a locking lid.  It's not like baking, so if you don't follow it exactly like it is written, it will still come out fine! 
One tip I might share with you (If you use the large container vs. jugs) is that after your detergent "gels" overnight (you'll understand once you read the recipe), break up the gel with a large spoon or whatever large utensil. Add a few pitchers of warm water and break it up with your hands and then a whisk.  This just gives you a smoother soap with less lumps.  Although if your soap has lumps it will still work just fine, it's just me being anal!  No lumps = Everything is right in the world....Well, it's a good start anyway!

For all you people who love softer clothes with less wrinkles and static electricity here is the recipe for the liquid version Liquid Fabric Softener .  TIP: Use the cheapest conditioner that has the scent you like!  For making dryer sheets, just cut the recipe in half and put in a spray bottle.  Spray a wash cloth with the mix and voila!  Throw it in the dryer with your clothes and you'll be surprised at how well it works. 
Look for my next posting which will include homemade, natural household cleaners!

Happy MUCHO Savings & Washing!

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