Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's on My Mind

Lots of stuff going on inside my head these days.  I know, scary, right?  Here's a random list!

What are we gonna do for dinner tonight? I usually do e-mealz, but too much going on today so hubby's going to bring home some Papa Murphy's pizza hopefully.

House building.  Although very exciting, I think the process of building a new house is going to be anxiety ridden, challenging, scary, and expensive.  With that said, we are so darn, stinkin' excited!  Here's the plans for the new house, so far, minus the garage that's in the picture...House plans

REFLUX...My reflux has returned in full force.  I've been dealing with less than pleasant symptoms since my surgery to "fix" it, but now it's so bad I thought that I had a bad case of strep throat.  Apparently it was a  bad case of esophogitis accompanied with ulcers in the back of throat and esophogus.  I know, TMI, but I decided to post all my ups and downs associated with acid reflux in hopes it either helps someone else or maybe someone else might have suggestions for me.  Acid Reflux

Depression...sigh...not many people know I suffer from depression.  It's kind of one of those things that you don't go around telling everyone, ya know. I've had talk therapy in the past, and have tried different medications.  On a new one now, so I guess we'll see!  With those of you who live with depression, either yourself or know someone, I don't have to explain the daily struggles associated with this.  To everyone else, be kind to everyone you know or meet, you may not know just what that persons battles are. Depression

Topeka Zoo Homeschool Program    I'm am so excited to have discovered this at the Topeka Zoo!  It's every 3rd Wednesday of every month, and allows for the kids to mingle with experts and up-close animal contact!  Topeka Zoo Homeschool Program

Time to make lunch, so bye for now!

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