Friday, April 22, 2011


Ok, so I was reading a friends post and thought, hmmm....I should write a blog....then realized, wait a minute, I do have a blog....what's it called, oh ya!  I tell you, I have many of these "moments" and I'm not even 40...yet!  So, after many attempts of putting my password in , got a new one, that I SHOULD remember.  Anyway, got into my blog and realized, my own mother is not even a follower, should that tell me something?  So, thank you to the approx. 5 peeps following my scarcely written blog!  I do have alot to say, it's just finding the time to write it down.  Especially being with 4 little people ALL day long...everyday....week....month....ok, you get the picture.  Just a few thoughts I'll jot down here, cause remember, I do have "moments", is that even  technically a medical term? 
Jake the Cow Dog
Matt's surprise party
small town, country living
Co. vacation in May
My jobs
chickens, cows etc...
Like to see something in my blog?  Just leave me a comment!  There, now aren't you better for reading my run on, nonsensical blog?  Have a great Friday!

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