Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning with Math Songs

Hey all!  Just want to share a few math tricks that has worked for our family.  I am by no means being compensated with this product or for my review.  I purchased the following products at a homeschool convention and love them! 
The company is Audio Memory and they make Cd's with songs on topics like;addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, grammar, geography, states & capitals, and U.S. history. 
We have tried the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and grammar.  They are a  wonderful compliment to our regular studies.

The addition and multiplication songs are what we used this morning to get the day going.

The kids usually dance around the room singing and being silly....but that's how we learn,  right?  At least at this age, if you make learning fun, they ( and you ) get more out of it. I still have the additon song for the 5's in my head, and probably will for the rest of the day...that's good, right? Or maybe slightly annoying to every one else, because you know, I just can't keep it to myself.

My boys are playing with Lego's as we listen to the math songs.  Got to keep those hands busy, and yes they do actually learn better this way.
Here are some links where you can purchase!
Multiplication Songs
Addition Songs
Audio Memory

What do you use to make learning memorable and fun? 

Happy learning!

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