Monday, February 14, 2011

I'mYour Vawentine's Cup

This is him, the sweet little magpie of my heart!  I realize he is a beautiful creature with cornflower blue eyes and lashes the stretch a mile, and that smile with a hearty giggle that turns my heart to mush....but there is another side to this sweet, innocent creature....but that's for another day! 
Today being Valentine's day and all, a day in which my kids are amazed and bewildered why it's not an actual holiday, I've decided to share just the good side of my youngest.
He came to my bed early this morning as he does every other morning and said, "Hi, mommy!"  He snuggled in as he would normally and took my face in his hands and kissed my lips, then pressed his warm, soft face to mine.  Ahh, love this child. 
I said,"Happy Valentine's Day, are you going to be my Valentine?"
My youngest then says," I wuv you mommy, I'm your Vawentine's cup!"
Hmmm, not what I quite expected, but I'll take it!  Apparently the plastic Valentine's cups I got for the boys last week has really made an impression on my littlest Valentine. Then the rest of the crew comes barreling in and tries to push my "Valentine's Cup" aside. He then screams, "NO!  She's my Valentine's cup!" and then proceeds to....Oh wait, like I said, I'm only sharing the good side of my sweet, innocent littlest Valentine today!
I wonder if he will be my Easter egg in April.....

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