Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Old Fishin' Hole

This is it.  The old fishin' hole!  One of several ponds we have on the farm....but according to hubby, this one is the best for fishin.  And me, being an awesome fisherwoman that I am (HA!) would have told you the same.....Umm, Yep!

This is my #2 in the procession of boys.  He is so warm hearted and kind.....He wants to catch a fish, but doesn't want to hurt them...can you feel his dilemma?

My #1 boy on the right and #3 on the left....ha, just noticed he's wearing a shirt with a #3 on it.  Spooky!  My oldest, who thinks he's a professional his mama, of course, is giving his little bro some unsolicited advice.

I think #2 , in the orange shirt,  has caught something.....we caught a lot of moss that evening....  See that nifty atv on the far right?  That's where I assume my position while they're fishing.   After all, there always has to be a supervisor, right?

I'm trying to explain to him, that fishing takes lots of patience....maybe that's why I don't fish?  Good thing hubby likes to fish, otherwise the boys would never get to experience this.  Looking at this picture, it looks calm, serene, peaceful....but if you were there, you would have known otherwise.  Constant chit chat, "where's all the fish", "I have to pee", "Mommy, where's the muskrats?", "Do the fish eat cow poop?'   They love to discuss bodily functions....sorry.

"Mom, you gotta quit talking to're going to scare the fish".  Hmmm....maybe that's why I've never had any luck in the past.

This is our old girl, Hershey, who is/was hubby's pointing dog when hunting.  Jake, in the background, is our cattle dog, who loves to get cows off the fence, police any goings on, help move cattle, and  steal and rough up the kids' basketball.  When we came back up to the house, the dogaloos were so happy to see they haven't seen us in days. 
Caught a glimpse of the sunset before heading inside....wouldn't have traded that evening for anything.

Love to all,

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